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Socrates is a powerful teaching assistant that helps teachers guide their classroom through thousands of educational topics. Socrates dynamically creates individualized learning paths that adjust based on each answer – helping students focus on where they are struggling and encouraging them to excel where they are doing well. Socrates starts each child based on their grade level but adjusts backward or forwards across grades based on their individual capabilities.

Socrates uses gamification elements to encourage, reward, and engage students. Kids answer questions to earn tokens and tickets which can be used to play games or purchase just-for-fun items such as virtual pets, avatar enhancements, and emojis. They have to learn more to play more – keeping them constantly engaged and wanting to do more.

Here are just a few of the features of our software:

  • Endless questions across thousands of common core standard aligned categories
  • Not just multiple choice – Our content includes story problems and multi-part answers
  • Kids have a powerful selection of assisters to help them as they answer questions including:
  • Scratch Pad to calculate answers
  • Learning videos to reinforce skills
  • Read-Aloud option for beginning/struggling readers and auditory learners.
  • Command center allows teachers to set goals for individuals, groups of students, the classroom, or the entire school
  • Create custom quests and badges (Available: August 2018)
  • Create and automatically grade homework – providing students with the same questions or questions aligned with their skill level.
  • Monitor progress across the classroom and see where kids are struggling
  • View results of activity completed at home
  • Control the availability of games for individual students, student groups, or the entire classroom
  • Create classroom competitions using the Education Arena (Available: August 2018)
  • Grade-level questline challenges students to explore the 7 wonders of the world from elementary to middle school

Socrates works on nearly all commonly available equipment in schools including:

  • Internet-connected PCs
  • Ipads
  • Android Tablets
  • Chromebooks

Currently, Socrates has content for these educational categories:

  • Math
  • English Language Arts (Available: August 2018)
  • American History (Available: August 2018)

Contact us to get Socrates into your school or to get your students signed up for FREE for a limited time, to keep learning over the summer!

Socrates - Learning at the Speed of You


National Science Foundation Funded Program

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