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Q: What is Socrates?

A: Socrates is an innovative learning engine and classroom management tool that develops individualized learning paths and engages kids so that they are excited to learn.

Q: Is Socrates based on Common Core Standards?

A: Yes! All applicable Socrates categories are mapped to Common Core Standards.

Q: What grades is Socrates for?

A: Socrates is designed for Kindergarten to 8th-grade students.

Q: If kids are playing games, are they learning?

A: Our model integrates learning with gameplay to create a fun, engaging experience for the children. Kids must answers questions and progress through their learning in order to earn the tickets required to play games. The games keep the child engaged and require them to constantly go back to the educational content – the more they play, the more they learn.

Q: Can I control when the children play games?

A: Yes – the teacher can lock individual or all games at any time for all students or individual students.

Q: Can I assign specific topics to students?

A: Yes – on its own, Socrates will select appropriate content based on the individualized learning path of the child. However, the teacher may override this at any time and assign a specific standard or topic to one or more children.

Q: How do I know where a child needs help?

A: Socrates will provide the teacher with the categories where the student needs help and the urgency of that request. It will even provide sample questions and allow for that topic to be prioritized in future play.

Q: Can my students play Socrates at home?

A: Absolutely! Socrates is designed to integrate the home and learning experience. Teachers can see activity completed at home and see how the children are progressing. Teachers can even assign homework to students to complete when playing at home, and it is automatically graded!

Q: Can Socrates manage multiple classrooms?

A: Yes! Each teacher will have access to our Teacher Command Center for each classroom and they can have an unlimited number of classes assigned to them.

Q: What does Socrates cost?

A: Due to our National Science Foundation funding, Socrates math content is being offered at no charge for a limited time during our initial roll-out period.

Q: How can I get Socrates at my school?

A: Contact us for more information about how to get Socrates. We can have a school set up and running in just a few days.

Q: How can I recommend improvements to Socrates?

A: We love ideas and feedback and are making improvements all the time! Email, chat or use the Teacher Command Center to provide feedback.

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