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Q: What is Socrates?

A: Socrates is a great way to learn, but also to have fun! Socrates will ask you questions to help you to learn – and has many great games that are fun to play.

Q: What are tickets and tokens?

A: You get tickets and tokens when you answer questions. Tickets can be used to buy collectible cards, emojis, and other items. Tokens can be used to play fun games in our token arcade.

Q: How do I go up levels?

A: As you answer questions correctly, you earn Stars. Every time you earn a star, you get to spin the wheel to earn a prize.  When you learn enough stars, you go up a level!

Q: How do I play games?

A: First, you have to earn tokens. You can earn them by playing a Bonus game like Golden Knight or Treasure Hunt – or just be answering questions. Then you can spend those tokens to play any game that you like.

Q: When do you release new games?

A: We are adding games all the time! Keep checking back to see if new games are available to play.

Q: Can I talk to my friends?

A: Soon we will have features to let you create friends lists, talk to friends, and even challenge them to a duel in the arena!

Q: The questions are too hard or too easy for me – what can I do?

A: Ask your parents to go into the parent portal and they can fix that for you!

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