Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Socrates?
A: Socrates is an innovative learning engine that creates a truly customized learning path for each child. Using Socrates, your child will progress across thousands of learning categories at their own pace.
Q: How will Socrates help my child to learn?
A: Classrooms are unable to provide truly individualized learning experiences – instead they teach to the needs of the average student. However, every child is unique. Your child may excel at certain topics but struggle with others. If they are doing poorly on a topic – the classroom still has to move on.  If they are doing well, their talents are not being maximized.
Q: How does age and grade impact learning with Socrates?
A: It doesn’t! Grade level provides us with a starting point in our learning path. After that, your child learns at their own pace category by category. They could be at their current grade level in fractions, behind their grade level in astronomy, but be several levels above in learning spelling. There are no limitations placed, and the engine adjusts based on every question and results from your child’s play.
Q: What categories of learning are available?
A: For our Open Beta we have Math available for grades K-8. In the future, we will be releasing numerous other educational categories including sciences, languages, and more.
Q: What are Tickets and Tokens?
A: As your child answers questions correctly, they earn tickets. Those tickets can be used to unlock emojis, buy collectible card packs, and other fun rewards. They can also win tokens, which can be used to play “just for fun” games. We recommend allowing your child to use their tokens and tickets how they prefer as a reward for their hard work.
Q: What is the Command Center?

A: The Command Center provides a way for you to engage with your child’s learning. Parents do many things in the Command Center including:

  • See where your child is struggling and help them practice
  • Create custom messages to encourage your child to reach goals
  • Set daily goals
  • Adjust the level of challenge of their questions
  • Monitor your child’s progress across thousands of categories
  • View progress by topic in summary or detail
  • Assign homework for your child with automatically scoring results
  • Change settings that impact your child’s experience
Q: Can I turn off certain games or features?

A: Yes, in the Command Center you can turn off specific games or remove features that you prefer your child not use.

Q: What is the Report Card?
A: Every day parents will get an email with the results of their child’s progress for the day. It’s a great way to see what your child is learning. If you prefer, you can change the frequency of messages or turn them off in the parent portal.
Q: What does Socrates cost?

A: During our Open Beta, there is no charge to use Socrates. In the future, we will have different subscription options.

Q: How can I ask questions or provide feedback?

A: You can use the live chat service at the bottom of the page to ask questions. If we are not available, leave a message or use the Contact Us page. We want your feedback and will respond to every inquiry within 24 hours.

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