Solving Today’s Education Challenges

Challenges with Modern Education System Education has been and will continue to be one of the largest challenges that our country must face and must overcome. The quality of education varies significantly from community to community and from school to school....

New Game Alert – Traffic!

New Token Arcade Game Spotlight: Traffic - Try to cross the busy street while picking up golden tickets. Pay attention to the lights!                                  ...

New Game Alert – Super Cowboy Run!

New Game Alert! We are happy to announce a new addition to the token arcade, Super Cowboy Run. In this game you will try to shoot enemies, jump over obstacles, and collect tickets. See how far you can get and how many tickets you can collect. Please let us...

Beta Version Launch Event

Thank you to everyone who attended our beta launch event on February 25th. It was a great success thanks to all of the amazing kids.

Socrates - Learning at the Speed of You

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