Mission & Vision


Socrates solves the problem of the one-size fits all education system. Our educational process is built to give all students the same content regardless of their skill- and it has to because teachers have crowded classrooms. The result is that students who are doing well are not challenged to meet their full potential, and those not doing as well can’t keep up as the classroom moves past their abilities.

Socrates solves this problem by creating a completely individualized learning path that adjusts dynamically opening up new topics to push the limits of their capabilities. Gamification keeps the child engaged. Our teacher and parent portals allow for results to be viewed and settings adjusted. With a large user base, Socrates will use data science to find better ways to teach both within the application and in the classroom.


Our vision is to provide every child with the same opportunity to learn to their full potential – regardless of their income level and the school district they live in. We will empower parents to participate proactively in their children’s education and provide teachers with a tool that allows them to give every child a personalized learning experience.

Socrates encourages self-motivation in learners through a system of positive rewards and reinforcements so that students remain self-engaged to absorb the curriculum. When learning is fun and engaging, students will play more and therefore learn more.

Socrates - Learning at the Speed of You


National Science Foundation Funded Program

Education Revolution LLC · 7935 W. Badura Ave, Ste. 1045, Las Vegas, NV 89113 · socrates@learnwithsocrates.com

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