Learning at the Speed of You

Socrates creates a customized learning path for each child across thousands of topics

Unlock your Child's Full Potential

Socrates is not tied to age or grade – topic by topic, kids will be challenged based on their capabilities

Fun and Engaging Experience

Socrates proves that learning can be fun. Kids are encouraged to answer more questions to play games, earn tickets, and unlock special content.

Learning Intelligence

Socrates Parent and Teacher portals provide powerful tools to understand your child’s progress and customize their experience using the software

Robust Learning Engine

Learning at the Speed of You

Fun Library of Games


Learning Intelligence

Unlock endless areas of knowledge. New categories are opened as others are mastered. Thousands of categories are already available and new ones are being added every day.

Socrates uses agile adjustments to create the right level of challenge. It will automatically adjust to easier questions when the child is struggling, and harder questions when they do well. Parents and teachers adjust settings to focus on specific topics or goals.

We make learning fun. As kids play educational games, they earn tickets and tokens are used to buy time playing just for fun games. Our game library is constantly growing.

Our powerful parent and teacher portals and daily report cards provide insight into students progress. Real-time reporting of how they are progressing and comparing to others in the same age and grade – topic by topic – help refocus learning efforts.

Many Games to Choose From

Fishing Frenzy

Kong Hero

Cowboy Run

The innovative Learning Engine in Socrates removes the obstacles and delivers on the needs of educators and students. The Learning Engine guides students along a tailored journey while providing teachers with real time feedback, reporting tools and the ability to control the curriculum.

Former Teacher

I have never seen [my daughter] enjoy an educational game so much – and she has really improved her math skills during that time…However, Socrates is much more effective and I like that I can use the Parent Portal to see how she is doing and help her along. Most importantly, she just likes it more – so she plays more.


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